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Rainbow Six Extraction ranked system, explained

In Rainbow Six Extraction, players work alongside two fellow Operators, completing operations in an effort to research and defeat the new enemy threat known as the Archaeans. Rainbow Six Extraction also has a more difficult mode for players looking for a challenge. It’s called Maelstrom Protocol. and it serves as Rainbow Six Extraction’s ranked mode […]

How to complete the Mischief Managed Challenge in BitLife

To complete the Mischief Managed Challenge in BitLife, players will need to achieve the following main objectives: Insult your school principal or headmaster Pirate 10+ porches before age 12 Mess with 5+ classmates Engage in mischief 5+ times Break out of juvie Completing the Mischief Managed Challenge is easy once you know how to achieve […]

All Mutations in Rainbow Six Extraction and what they do

In Rainbow Six Extraction, players will tackle objectives in teams of three, facing off against the new alien threat with fellow Operators. Mutations are an in-game mechanic that makes the game more difficult for players during their operations. Knowing the mutations and how to best combat them is essential, especially when playing on higher difficulties. […]