All Project Zomboid Moodles and how to deal with them

So many moodles, so many ways to fix them!

Moodles in Project Zomboid are various status effects players can gain for many reasons. These reasons mostly revolve around the player's current state, emotions, physical state, and health. 

That said, there are around 19 moodles that are in Project Zomboid build 41, and each affects players in different ways. Every moodle also has specific methods players can use to deal with them. Here you will find out how to deal with all moodles in Project Zomboid. 

How to fix Heavy Load in Project Zomboid

To fix the Heavy Load moodle in Project Zomboid, players will need to remove items in their inventory until their current carry weight goes down. 

If players don't remove items, they will become slow and gain speed, attack speed, critical chance, and chance to climb fences reductions. 

Players will also start taking damage from endurance loss as the moodle climbs in severity to a max of Extremely overloaded.

How to fix Hyperthermia in Project Zomboid

To fix Hyperthermia in Project Zomboid, players need to cool off and go indoors. Wearing lighter clothes and removing layers will also help to cool players off. 

On top of this, you will also want to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and combat Hyperthermia. 

If players don't take steps to combat the Hyperthermia in Project Zomboid, they will gain increasing harmful debuffs and reduce attack speed. 

The worst players can get is a 90 percent decrease in attack speed and a chance to die from Hyperthermia.

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How to fix Hypothermia in Project Zomboid

To fix Hypothermia in Project Zomboid, players need to get warm and go indoors. Putting on more layers of clothing will also help to warm players up. 

But if players are outside, it's recommended to build a campfire, and if they are inside a vehicle, they will need to turn on the heater. 

The longer players have hypothermia will increase the chance to gain a cold and the flu. Players will also keep gaining adverse status effects that worsen as their condition worsens. 

As players get worse, they will also gain a decreased attack speed debuff, spatial awareness will decrease, and their health will drop by 1 percent until death. 

How to get dry and remove Wet in Project Zomboid

To remove Wetness in Project Zomboid, players need to dry their clothes with a towel or change them. Standing by a heat source such as a fire or heater will also help dry players in the game.

Overall, Wetness is a mild negative moodle in the game, but not one a player should ignore. If a player lets the Wet moodle worsen, they can potentially run the risk of gaining a cold.

How to deal with Windchill in Project Zomboid

To remove the Windchill moodle in Project Zomboid, players simply need to head indoors or inside a vehicle with the windows up. If players don't seek shelter, they run the risk of getting a cold or feeling cold. 

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How to get rid of a Cold in Project Zomboid

To get rid of a Cold in Project Zomboid, players will need to stay warm and well-fed. Players with a Cold will have a chance to sneeze, which will alert zombies. Luckily players can combat sneezing by using either toilet paper or tissues. 

Players with a Cold that worsens will also experience reduced speed and healing rate. Because of this, it's best to seek shelter for a few days and let your Cold and condition improve. 

How to improve Hunger in Project Zomboid

To improve hunger in Project Zomboid, players will need to find food and eat it until the moodle goes away. But if players don't find something to eat, they will gain reduced carry weight, and their health will go down starting at 1 point. Eventually, players will starve until their health drains completely, and they die. 

How to fix Injuries in Project Zomboid

There is no way to fix Injury moodle in Project Zomboid. Instead, you will need to weight it out until the Injury moodle goes away on its own. 

Improving Pain and other moodles such as Bleeding and Sickness can help speed the process, as Injury is often caused by another moodle.

When players have Injury, they will get a reduction in strength and speed that worsens as the Moodle increases in severity.

How to stop being Bored in Project Zomboid

To stop being Bored in Project Zomboid, players will need to seek entertainment such as books, magazines, or killing zombies and watching TV. As the Bored moodle worsens, they run the risk of gaining the unhappy moodle, which has its adverse effects. 

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How to fix Bleeding in Project Zomboid

To fix the Bleeding moodle in Project Zomboid, players will need to bandage their wound via the health tab or risk death by bleeding out. strength and speed will also decrease as the Bleeding moodle gets worse

How to fix Pain in Project Zomboid

To fix Pain in Project Zomboid, players need to take painkillers and rest until the Pain moodle is gone. If players don't improve the Pain moodle, they will gain the following reductions and status effects that will worsen over time. 

  • Reduced accuracy
  • Reduced movement speed
  • Diffuctly hoping and climbing fences
  • Reduced attack speed
  • Reduced melee damage
  • Chance to trip
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How to fix Tiredness in Project Zomboid

To fix the Tired moodle in Project Zomboid, players will need to sleep in a bed or on the ground. If players don't sleep, they will become fatigued, and it will be harder to fight with reduced melee damage

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How to stop Panic in Project Zomboid

To stop Panic in Project Zomboid, players will need to take beta-blockers and get away from zombies. If left untreated, players will gain the following status effects from the Panic moodle.

  • Reduced accuracy
  • Reduced melee damage
  • Reduced critical chance.

How to fix Sickness in Project Zomboid

To fix Sickness in Project Zomboid, players will need to eat well and sleep to avoid becoming tired. However, if players have the zombie virus, it can not be cured. While players are sick, they will also gain a reduction in health until they become well fed and sleep well.

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How to improve Stress in Project Zomboid

To improve Stress in Project Zomboid, players will need to smoke cigarettes or read books and relax. Getting away from hordes of zombies will also lower the rate players gain the Stress moodle. 

If players remain stressed for long periods, they will gain the following adverse status effects from the Stress Moodle.

  • Reduced melee damage
  • Increase rate to gain Unhappiness moodles

How to cure Depression in Project Zomboid

To cure Depression and get rid of Unhappiness, players will need to relax and eat foods that increase happiness. Such food items included cooked food, chocolate, ice cream, and alcohol. But, not curing Unhappiness moodles will increase the rate it takes to perform the many actions in the game

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How to fix Endurance loss and Exertion in Project Zomboid

To Fix Endurance loss and Exertion Moodles in Project Zomboid, players will need to sit down and take a rest. Resting on couches or in beds can also help get rid of the moodle faster.

Not taking steps to combat Exertion will have the adverse effects listed below that worsen in severity. 

  • Decreased melee damage
  • Reduced attack speed
  • High chance of tripping when climbing fences and running
  • Speed reduction

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